The Quantum Ultra Cigar Ashtray – Pure Copper & Brass $899.00

  • Quantum Ultra Parial Close up with Cigar
  • Quantum Ultra Full Top View with Cigar
  • Quantum Ultra Close up of Brass Cigar Holder

Mesmerizing and Seductive

The richness and hypnotic beauty of pure brass and copper will amaze you!  Inspired by the artist’s iconic, award winning copper and brass diving helmets, this elegant and radiant Cigar Ashtray is a true collector’s piece!

 Individually hand crafted, brought to a stunning mirror finish and featuring  a large 10.5 inch hand-hammered copper bowl, elegantly shaped sides with curved edges and adorned with four solid red brass cigar holders and solid brass legs…..designed for all cigar ring gauges.

This incredible piece has been coated with a high gloss clear ceramic lacquer, so it will maintain its ‘ beautiful luster and will never require polishing!

A true work of art, unsurpassed by any other design in the world!

11″ x 11″x 4 3/4″  Copper and Brass