100 Year Anniversary Edition Diving Helmet $19,999.00

  • 100 Year Anniversary Edition Diving Helmet
  • 100 Year Anniversary Edition Diving Helmet
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Authentic & fully Functional – Mirrored finish Copper and Brass Sponge Diving Helmet by Nicholas Toth…

Distinctive, individually hand crafted and masterfully designed………the only craftsman in the world currently crafting this exquisite copper and brass Greek  Sponge Diving  Helmet……

To honor the 100 year anniversary of his family’s business, A. Lerios Marine, Nicholas decided to take his traditional copper and brass diving helmet to a new level of perfection and beauty!
Every surface of each copper and brass helmet component is brought to a spectacular mirror finish, including the wing nuts, valves, port holes, brails, bonnet and breast plate.
Captivating and mesmerizing, these incredible diving helmets showcase Nicholas’ talent as a Master Craftsman and reflect his dedication to the skills he learned from his grandfather, Anthony Lerios.  Nicholas and his work are true links to a legacy of unsurpassed quality and design!
With over 35 years of experience, Nicholas is a Master Helmet Maker and considered an expert in the diving helmet world .

This diving helmet has been coated with a professionally applied nitrocellulose lacquer finish, so it will maintain its brilliant shine and never require polishing!