Many of us have enjoyed the tasty sensations that a meal paired with the right drink can develop. Now, imagine a third element being introduced that transforms that after meal enjoyment into a truly euphoric experience. What is this magical element you ask? Well, it’s nothing more than a simple cigar. The tips below are designed to help you jump in and enjoy the wonders of mixing food, drink, and cigars in true “kingly” fashion, while avoiding the pitfalls of incorrect chemistry among these three elements.

Tip 1: If you’re eating rich, drink rich and smoke bold.
Generally, the heavier the meal and stronger the flavor, the stronger wine or beer you can enjoy with it. If you’re heading into a heavy meal, pair it with a bold cigar and you’ll likely find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’re keeping things light, think that way for your cigar choice.
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Tip 2: Decide when you’re going to smoke.
Smoking before the meal and after the meal are two VERY different things. If you indulge in a cigar before the meal, you’re likely to smear your taste buds into oblivion, making it difficult to taste that food you want. However, as we mentioned above, a premium cigar after the meal will work well.

Tip 3: Follow your instincts/taste buds.
It’s that simple. Everyone is different and you’ll have to do some experimenting to find out just what tastes work best for you. Follow these simple tips and use a little logic with your choices and you’ll likely come across a magic combination of your own!