pressrelease-image and Nicholas Toth Fine Art Launch New Lineup of Luxury Cigar Holders and Ashtrays For The Discerning Cigar Aficionado.

Press Release

Tampa Bay Florida January 1, 2016

Award-winning and renowned craftsman and artist Nicholas Toth has launched an incredible new lineup of luxury cigar holders and ashtrays for the upscale cigar aficionado.

Available to see and purchase at, the selections are all hand-crafted with the highest quality components and are each an individual work of art with the functionality that all cigar enthusiasts demand from their smoking accessories.

Known internationally as “The Last Helmet Maker”, Nicholas Toth has been an esteemed member of the arts community for many years, and has brought his amazing skills as a craftsman to the luxury cigar ashtray and accessories space with a unique and elegant touch.

With the recent launch of, Mr. Toth and his team have assembled all of the biographical and historical information about the life and accomplishments of the artist, as well as making his new line of luxury products available for sale for the first time.

“We have been working very hard to get our product line and e-commerce purchase opportunity up and running, and are so very pleased to now be filling orders for those who have awaited our introduction to the market” said Mr. Toth in his recent interview with local press. “Our product interest and pre-sales were just terrific with the limited exposure we had last year” Toth added, “and we are now ready to open up our production to many more cigar enthusiasts around the country and the world”.